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Relato de Yiting Liang (en inglés)

Thursday 4th April Cloudy Rennes France

Today I got on the coach of Eurolines whose destination is Portugal at 2:00 PM. Actually, I just bought my ticket 2 days ago, because the idea of visiting Portugal came out like a sparkle, that sudden and that quick, while I was hesitating whether to go to Vienna or not. I had been planning my journey to Austria for a few weeks, but I changed my destination at last minute.
The grey sky out of the bus window was a little bit sad, it shouldn’t be! We are already in April which is the most hopeful month of a year: creatures have woken up from the freezing winter and plants begin to flourish, even though it’s still chilly. However, this journey makes me excite- travel alone in an unknown country. I can’t remember how many times I travelled alone. I like it sometimes, but sometimes I just have no choice: better be alone than have a bad companion.
It’s getting darker and darker, can’t even read what I’m writing. I should stop here, and expecting my adventure in Portugal.

Friday 5th April Sunny Porto Portugal

Today was a good day, but a tiring day. I can fall asleep at once, but if I left a blank page for my travelling diary, I wouldn’t pardon myself.
Spending one night, over 22 hours in a coach, is a kind of torturing experience. I swear this is my last time to take a bus. In fact, I’ve already made the same oath for countless times--- this is the cheapest way for a student. Fortunately, all my fatigue was made up by my tour in Porto this afternoon.
I was very lucky today, when I entered the territory of Portugal this morning, the sun was shining! And when ...

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Photo: Pre inca Pyramid
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