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Relato de Hanna Jankowska (en inglés)

After my first studies I wanted to go on a journey far away from Europe. I could not afford to go on a journey around the word and therefore I tried to get an internship in an institute Goethe (where German language and culture is taught in many countries around the world) and I applied via Email. Finally I was invited to complete my internship in San Juan in Argentina from 1st August until the end of September 2005. I planed this trip for one year. To organise a scholarship for the flight took about eight month. I bought travel guides and planed the journey with a map. I had no idea about the distances in Latin America and decided to go to many places and many cities in Argentina and Chile. During the journey I realised that it was not possible to visit all I had planed because the distances are too large. In Europe it takes one night to travel from one country to another. In Latin America one travels two or three days by bus. Beyond it I organized many trips within Argentina spontaneously because it was impossible to plan all like we do in Europe. In Argentina people have another rhythm of life and often act on impulse.

I departed already on the 11th of July because I wanted to travel around Argentina during the first three weeks. I took a flight from the airport of Frankfurt via Buenos Aires. This was my first long flight, so I wasn't sure what to expect. More over I knew that nobody would pick me up at the airport in Buenos Aires and I did not know how I will manage to get to the hostel where I had booked the first three nights via internet. I only spoke a little Spanish and hoped that people understand English. Later I realized that not many people in Argentina speak English and at the beginning it was difficult for me to communicate. With the time I ...

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Photo: Woman at Arambol Beach
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